My Day in Pictures


Arm PartyToday’s jewelry from the freebie table pulled my outfit together. My teal bauble necklace didn’t quite mesh with my gold belt until I found these other fun neon colors to bring cohesiveness to the look.

OOTD 1See what I mean about the jewelry? Along with the neon bling, my blue dyed skinnies made the sweater vest and button-up shirt more playful. Leopard print shoes balanced the vest’s pattern, too.

SandwichThis turkey club sandwich from Cafe 57 was soooo good. I forgot to pack my lunch last night, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to spend a couple of bucks on something at work.
Fun Fact #1: All food in Cafe 57 is from Hearst’s farm in Texas.
Fun Fact #2: Despite what you might be thinking, this photo isn’t upside down.

Justin Bieber
Today’s highlight: watching Justin Bieber’s arraignment via Perez Hilton.

BlogAnd then there was this. My blog’s already had 101 views today. (Since you’re reading it, too, you can add at least one more view to that.)

Cupcake 1After I’d come home from work, Malini, one of my roommates, surprised me with Crumbs cupcakes.

Cupcake 2Not only was the red velvet delicious, but it was also the best way to end the day. I even have a little bit left over for tomorrow.

More later!



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